Senior Metallurgical/Materials Engineer Modeling

Conduct research to support development and improvement of titanium, nickel-base superalloy, specialty steel, powder metal, and additive manufacturing products. Become company and industry recognized metallurgical expert in an alloy class or manufacturing process.

Utilize process simulation to support manufacturing process improvements that result in better product quality and lower manufacturing costs.

Conduct testing and characterization in order to provide expert, timely materials solutions to internal and external customers. Provide technical marketing support to the Business Development organization through customer visits and targeted technical support.

Propose, defend and execute project concepts for new products, cost savings, quality improvement, and process innovation. Collaborate with technology and research colleagues across the Company.

Communicate results to management, colleagues, and customers in the form of written reports and oral presentations.

Maintain industry expertise and current knowledge of developments in Ti, Ni-base superalloy, specialty steel, or powder metallurgy and additive manufacturing by experimentation, attending meetings and conferences conducted by trade associations, by reviewing trade literature and by periodic visits to customer or supplier base.