Senior Metallurgist

Summary of Job Description:

Conduct metallurgical research and investigations to ensure quality products to customers, to discover the causes of failure, and seek new, more efficient ways to utilize our processes.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  1. Assist Metallurgist in performing chemical analysis of products, mechanical testing and failure analysis within ASTM guidelines including assisting the Quality Assurance Manager with communications to customers and suppliers.
  2. Audit foundry and heat treat processes and document findings.
  3. Utilize ISO 9002 methods where applicable to increase efficiency, quality and continuous improvement.
  4. Prepare and present training in metallurgy and other areas, as needed.
  5. Sample products to the point of destruction, conduct and manage the failure analysis process to ensure identification and correction of problems including all DMR’s.
  6. Conduct process checks and sign all certifications assuring customers that tests were done in accordance to customer specifications.
  7. Monitor new product and processes available to reduce costs, increase efficiency and quality of products.
  8. Review new and revised MSDS for inclusion in Company’s MSDS book.
  9. Assign personnel to specific work assignments and review test reports to determine if physical characteristics of sample specimens meet metallurgical specifications and quality control standards.
  10. Investigate causes of defective material and advise appropriate department supervisor personnel of production department responsible of processing defects.
  11. Determine disposition of substandard material, according to established precedent or practice.
  12. Advise metallurgical personnel on problems involving quality control and testing techniques and methods and on application of metallurgical specifications to metal products.
  13. Assist Manufacturing Engineering in specification interpretations on new orders.
  14. Develop procedures and document work instructions for lab operations.
  15. Perform duties of Lab Technician, when needed.