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Job Status: Open
No of Vacancies: 1
Date Posted: October 14, 2021
Expiry Date: December 31, 2021
Job Type: Full Time
Job Level: Any
Years of Experience: 1
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Salary Type: Negotiable
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To provide expertise in physical metallurgy of high-temperature and corrosion-resistant superalloys to enable Company to invent, develop, manufacture, characterize, and promote new alloy products for traditional and emerging applications. Also, to provide technical service and support to Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, and customers in various industries.

Specific Accountabilities for the Role:

  1. Assist in the conception of Product R&D projects in the areas of high-temperature alloys and corrosion-resistant alloys.
  2. Plan and execute the tasks required for assigned technical projects in accordance with agreed commitments.
  3. Demonstrate innovative skills through the generation of ideas for new or improved high-temperature alloy and corrosion-resistant alloy products.
  4. Provide technical expertise in physical metallurgy in general and the physical metallurgy to high-temperature and corrosion-resistant superalloys to peers, sales, marketing, manufacturing, and customers.
  5. Assist the Manager of Product R&D in technology "gate-keeping" in the areas of Ni-and Co-base alloys.
  6. Represent Company at technical meetings, customer visits, and outside research consortia as required.